Behind the scenes, an animation project is complex. Our team members will be working on script-writing, voiceovers, sound effects, music, illustrations, designs and animation - sometimes happening all at once ... But we’ll assign you one of our Video Strategist project managers as a single point of contact. They make it simple for you, running your project using our tried and tested “Visionary 6 Step Project Process”.

We'll have you approve each step of the project as we go, with unlimited revisions, so you can be sure you’ll be DELIGHTED with the video we produce.

And don’t worry - our project process is designed for super-busy people. We’ll quickly pinpoint the required information from you during your Visionary Strategy Session, and then our team gets to work. Throughout your project, your project manager will be available to you by email, phone and Skype!

Want more details? Here’s what happens during a Visionary Animation Project …


The journey begins …

We'll send you our questionnaire, with carefully chosen questions that get you thinking about the optimal STRATEGIC information that your video should convey. Then we'll conduct a Visionary Strategy Session (VSS), where we deep-dive into your company's vision, values, objectives and target market.

Finally, we'll agree on a video strategy that, above all, focuses on achieving the objectives you lay out.

If our visions align, we'll ask for a 50% deposit to kick-off your project. And then our team kicks into gear ...


Our script writing team collates the details collected in the Strategy Session and performs a competitor analysis and focused industry research where required. We'll use this information to feed into our proprietary "Code V" script writing formula to produce a dynamic script, designed to RESONATE with the type of customers you aspire to. We'll even show you the techniques and psychology behind the writing, so you can understand how your video will "work".

Finally, we'll collaborate with you to perfect the script, so we know it will work strategically, and you're proud of it.


We work with some of the best voice actors in the business. The correct voice is a subtle, but important distinction for an explainer video – we'll advise you on the best accent, gender and tonality to ensure your target market resonates with the video.

We'll also provide soundtrack choices that not only sound epic - but also enhance the strategic aims of the video. Our team will mix the chosen soundtrack so that its dynamics rise and fall with the timing of the voiceover.


If you have an idea for your video, or an example of what you'd like, we'll work with you to get that vision out from your mind and onto a storyboard. You're welcome to challenge us with your ideas!

Alternatively, our little animation team are shockingly creative! They can independently construct a powerful storyboard. Now you start getting an idea of what your video will look like, and you can suggest changes from there. You'll be impressed at their ideas ... And we'll ensure the colour palette matches your website and branding.

Once the initial storyboard is presented, you'll be able to comment and advise on any adjustments you'd like to see.


Now it's time for you to get excited.

Extremely excited ...

Once we're all happy with the script, voiceover and storyboard it's time to bring the characters to life! Our animators create a premium, high-definition animated production that conveys your company as a cutting-edge market leader, and brings your vision to life.


Once you are absolutely delighted ...

… we'll deliver your premium Visionary Digital Studios Explainer Video in the file format of your choice, ready for upload to your website and social channels. Our "techies" will provide the tech support you need to make the launch process quick and easy.

We'll show you more ways to implement your Explainer Video into your marketing strategies than you can possibly imagine (if you just can't wait, ask us for our "Launch Your Visionary Explainer Video" eBook now!).

Finally … it's time to surge your sales and enhance your reputation!