Jenny Murphy, Latitude Group Travel's CEO said:

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"I am very excited and it really is a masterwork.  The animation and how you have got across a difficult concept is simply amazing and you are all to be congratulated.  I just couldn’t imagine what you could do, yet I could see it in my head and you have captured what was in my head in this video.  Amazing. I will be highly recommending you for many years to come team.  You really are incredible and I can’t thank you enough!!"

The Company: Latitude Group Travel

The Product: Latitude Group Travel is Australia's industry leading education tour operator; they provide the safest environment for their students, the most engaging activities, and the best itineraries.

The Challenge: The educational tour industry is a crowded market place, with many inexpensive and inferior options available. We wanted to really showcase Latitude Group Travel's unique and innovative value proposition and demonstrate why they are industry leaders in their field. The cutting-edge, professional and inspiring branding of the company had to be demonstrated within the video to resonate with their target market.

Delivery: Latitude Group Travel's team chose a VISIONARY style of animation with fun, custom and sharp visual concepts to convey their service in a way that their target market would resonate with. The animation, soundtrack, and voiceover express their inspiring, relationship-oriented brand, and were designed to appeal to a general and executive audience.