Company: HealthiBank

Dr Grace, HealthiBank's CEO said: “Overall, we had a very positive experience working with Sanjay and the Visionary Team. The most exciting part of working on our video project with Visionary was watching the scripts come to life! I would recommend this organisation to anyone who is seeking a professional and efficient digital media partner.”

The Product: HealthiBank is the revolutionary electronic health card that allows you to store and carry all your health information - including health reports, results and lists - all on a card that fits neatly in your wallet.

The Challenge: HealthiBank is a revolutionary new product - we needed to ensure the animation conveyed the core value of the product quickly and succinctly, while also inspiring trust in medical executives who are evaluating the product.

Delivery: The production is modern, with plenty of "white space" to preset a cutting edge company that is established and trustworthy. The graphical concepts, as well as the music and voiceover, were specifically designed to resonate with medical executives and convey authority within the industry. However, we've also infused a little bit of fun throughout the visuals to ensure HealthiBank's brand shines through.