The Company: Diverse City Careers (DCC)

Valeria Ignatieva, DCC's Co-Founder said: "The level of responsiveness, flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile made working with the Visionary team an absolute pleasure. We’re delighted with our new video which showcases what DCC is all about in a creative way, thanks Visionary Digital Studios!"

The Product: DCC is Australia’s only job site which pre-screens employers to ensure they are committed to creating ideal and rewarding workplaces for women.

The Challenge: The DCC service is niche – we needed speak directly to women seeking flexible careers, quickly engage them and communicate the benefits of signing up to the service. In addition the feminine, exciting and professional branding of DCC needed to be reflected through the production.

Delivery: Co-Founders Valeria and Gemma chose a VISIONARY style of animation with colourful scenes and characters based on their target demographic. The black-and-white interlude was Valeria’s concept from the beginning, brought to life by the Visionary Studios animation team.