The Company: Birnam Wood

Colin Green, Birnam Wood's Co-founder said: "Upbeat, positive, all about the art of the possible. Was a no brainer. Will go back to Visionary in a heartbeat. Great people, talented, committed and invested in excellent outcomes."

The Product: Birnam Wood use an ever-expanding toolbox of next generation technologies, to seamlessly connect structured and unstructured data from any area of your business, including external data sources and social media.

The Challenge: Birnam Wood provides a complex range of high-tech services. We needed to break down the service, and quickly communicate the benefits to a C-level executive corporate audience. The message needed to be condensed, and combined with slick modern graphical concepts, to ensure viewers would stay engaged and resonate enough to watch until the end.

Delivery: The Visionary Team worked with Birnam Wood to design modern, futuristic visual concepts to communicate the service. The animation, soundtrack, and voiceover convey their inspiring, forward-thinking brand, and were designed specifically to resonate with a corporate C-level audience.