“Our vision is to build strong business partnerships with visionaries, forward-thinkers and leaders around the world. We like to work with companies who see themselves as unique, and bring massive value to their market.”


Visionary Digital Studios is a Creative Agency based in Australia. We work with industry-leading clients all over the world, and have team members throughout Australia, as well as overseas.

We’ve nurtured strong alliances with digital entrepreneurs both locally and abroad. Our network allows us to integrate the latest digital technologies and expertise into our productions. But more importantly, this network keeps us inspired. Keeps us stepping up to that next level. Enables us to take on massive challenges. And allows us to live our dreams …

So, are you a Visionary?

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"We choose clients, staff and partners whose values and ambitions resonate with ours. This allows us to build long-lasting, mutually beneficial business relationships with people we love."



Managing Director

Sanjay is the Visionary behind our company. He built the company looking to connect with other visionaries, who have values and ideas beyond the mundane, and help bring their ideas into the world.


Virtual CFO and Business Consultant

Amit is the financial master behind the Visionary team. He also runs his own company, The Startup Shop, delivering cutting edge financial and strategic advice to leading businesses.


E-Learning Partner

Teresa is is an all-round eLearning extraordinaire, producing courseware for leading ASX100 companies. Also the Director of Teresa Lim Studios and one of Australia’s most highly sought after voice artists.


Creative Manager

Abby brings a combination of creative flair, explainer video experience and spectacular customer service, running the creative phases of our video projects, making them seemless for customers and our team.


Marketing Coordinator

Gee is the engine behind the Visionary marketing and social media presence, having a particular flair in graphical design and advertising.


“Code V” Script Writer

Haley is an accomplished copywriter, specialising in writing sizzling Animated Explainer Video scripts which RESONATE with viewers. She uses our “Code V” script writing formula to create potent video scripts that surge sales.


Animation Director

Arun is an ambitious visionary, leading the animation team, with the goal to create the most impressive graphical animations in the industry. Simply put, our team’s work speaks for itself.


Script Writing Partner

Published author of the book “Free Flow”, Irene is a leading and highly experienced copywriter. She is also the director of Cat and Kite Communications, which specialises in marketing and copywriting for small businesses